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About the Founder

Lifeshots Healthcare Solutions LLP (A Chempifine Group Enterprise) is a dream-brand of Mr. Krishna Bhat an Entrepreneur & Founder of Chempifine Group of Companies mainly serving healthcare and pharmaceutical industry since last 2 decades. It was essential to emerge with such a health center that nurtures mind, body, and spirit non-invasively & drugless. This combination is a Unique model launched in Mumbai, and so the founders decided to create the visions of innovative Health & wellness centre.

As a business person, Krishna has blended together his expertise and ideologies into Unique Health & Wellness franchise as he fondly call as “Human Garage”.

Franchise - Franchise

Join us as a franchise

Owning your own business is not always a piece of cake. It usually involves more time, energy and dedication than working for someone else. Its very rewarding and gives you personal satisfaction, which you may not have encountered in your job. We are looking for winners. You will meet a more caring, loyal and energized group of people here at Lifeshots. Our team is the most passionate energy to have around.

We invite franchise & passionate business personal to partner and walk with us on this non invasive healthy revolution for wellbeing of human. The franchise will be responsible for the growth of his / her Lifeshots, franchisee will be responsible for the entire territory in that region. The franchisee will sell, train and support the franchisees in their region and act as a franchisor to facilitate growth.

Further elaborating on the terms of the company- Lifeshots Healthcare Solutions LLP, the setup cost varies from region to region along with manpower cost. We ensure that our franchisee is offered a flexible period to recover the cost.

"This is not just a company, it's a concept!" We would love to have you as a Lifeshots Family member if you're up for it; if you are ready to make it happen. As per Lifeshots, ‘you don’t have to be a born businessman. However, one should have the conviction to pull off a great show.

Franchise Support

  • We offer complete support to all our franchisee in their journey with us
  • Local finalization
  • Branding, layout and centre guidelines
  • Help in training Staff
  • Backend support for managing software
  • Standardized membership model
  • Online and offline marketing & sales promotion
  • PR with Members

Thank you again for your inquiry and tell a friend. After all, we built this company on 'word of mouth'.


The Founder
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