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What does HBO do? What are its effects?

Hyperoxygenation: Increasing the pressure in the chamber while breathing increase alveolar po2. Thus in-creased blood oxygen transport via plasma increases tissue po2 and helpsin healing.
Neovascularization: Increased po2 is important for the release of growth hormone which is needed for capillary growth.
Vasoconstriction: Thus cerebral edema reduces and oxygen supply to brain increases.
Microorganism effect: Increased phagocytosis has antibacterial effects.
Effect on stem cells: It stimulates the vasculogenic stem cell mobilization from bone marrow.

What is Floating?

Floating is an experience of ultimate peace and relaxation in which you spend one-hour in a private, specialized pod, filled with ten inches of highly-saturated salt water. This causes you to float completely and effortlessly atop the water, experiencing near zero-gravity.

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